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Travel in Reverse? 5 Rewarding Reasons to Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

By Maureen Ellis Preville

Care to indulge in the luxury of becoming one with an exotic land? The different culture, the fascinating people, the tantalizing food, the interesting traditions, the alluring language…. If that sounds dreamy but your day-to-day reality dictates otherwise, believe us when we tell you that it can be achieved in the comforts of your own home sweet home.

Become immersed in the allure of the country that truly appeals to you by hosting a foreign exchange student for the upcoming school year. With ambitious, high-achieving teenage boys and girls from Europe, South America, and Asia waiting in the wings for their dream to attend US high school to come true, they stand ready to share their world with you as their new family for the school year.

Let’s tick off the ways they show their appreciation by sharing their customs with you.


By hosting an exchange student you get a first-hand look into the rich and varied culture of their country. Students love telling you all about the proud customs and traditions of their world while learning about ours.

2) The FOOD

Often exchange students enjoy teaching their host families how to cook popular foods from their home countries. In fact, many students make a point of learning their mom’s or grandmother’s top recipes before arriving in the US. Host families have fun cooking with their exchange students to learn their favorite recipes and in turn teach the students their own top culinary specialties.


Imagine infusing your Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and other holiday celebrations with international flair for festive new glitter and sparkle! Students help bring their country’s holiday traditions and customary foods right into your home and to your table. By the same token, they love taking in and participating in America’s holiday traditions and also learning about our unique holidays, such as Independence Day and Halloween.

4) The LANGUAGE - Even though exchange students come to the US to improve their English language skills, you will have the chance to learn -- or brush up on -- a new language yourself to add to your repertoire.

Then, when the day comes that you actually visit their home country (and, no doubt, spend time with your former exchange student while there), you’re set to sail right through with flying colors.

And most important of all...


Hosting an exchange student means that they become your own son or daughter for a school year, and their natural family becomes your extended family! You will truly gain a second family in another country eager to welcome you if you visit, as many host families do. The bond between you, your ‘adopted’ son or daughter, and their natural family forms a lasting tie for years to come.

Are you ready for a life-changing adventure, right from your own living room? United States residents of all ages and sizes, single adults or couples, with or without children, large or small, living in an urban metropolis or a rural town are all welcome!

Since the new school year is almost upon us, visit our website today to find the perfect student for YOUR family:

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