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Zebra and Wildebeest are Friends with Benefits

Where you’ll find one, you’ll find the other. It’s no coincidence that the zebra and wildebeest are BFFs. They naturally protect and provide for each other.

Both zebras and wildebeests are grazers, which means the diets of both species consist of grass. Yet they are never in competition for food. That’s because the wildebeest’s mouth is shaped to allow it to grip the shoots of short grass. The zebra, however, prefers chowing down on the longer grass, chomping it down to the ideal length for the wildebeest to easily be able to savor.

Zebras also have sharp memories and can remember in detail last year's migration routes and areas of danger and safety. This is especially important when the herds have to cross the crocodile-infested rivers. Wildebeests know that it’s wise to travel with the zebras during migration time.

On the other hand, wildebeests have a heightened sense of smell, allowing them to detect water even when the savannah seems dry. Since they can sense rain up to 15 miles away, they can easily lead their zebra pals to water and fresh grazing.

​Zebras have great eyesight; wildebeests have excellent hearing. It's no wonder they are best buds. Hanging out together boosts the survival chances of both species.

Chances are excellent that you will meet more than a few on your safari in South Africa.

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