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I miss my job. Do you miss yours?

The morning routine… driving to work, about 20 minutes, gave me time to listen to my favorite radio station, The Joy FM. Uplifting dialogue and music to start my day. I sipped my tea from my treasured travel cup while driving past dense trees and pretty neighborhoods – a strategically planned route – to get to my office. Once there, usually a bit early, I would heat my previously prepared breakfast and eat it at my desk while getting oriented for the day’s tasks.

I often didn’t know what the day would bring, and that was one of the perks of the job. Our COO boldly changed directions as needed to find what worked best. As his right-hand marketing person, I learned to turn on a dime. It was such a rush. I was constantly challenged not only to keep up with his dynamic ideas, but also to learn new software and apps as appropriate. Having a fascination with technology, this was so fulfilling for me!

I was working in the industry I am most passionate about: travel. The company specializes in small guided tours of South Africa. In the six and a half years I worked for Go Touch Down Travel and Tours, I learned so much about that beautiful country and even picked up a bit of Afrikaans, one of its 11 official languages. I came to appreciate the cultural melting pot, including the food. Oh man, if you ever get to taste Bobotie, Melktart, or Boewors, you are in for a real treat.

But what made this job the best, was the staff. We all had our unique strengths and that made for the most exceptional team.

I am no stranger to working at home. I had a software company many years ago, and more recently, a thriving freelance writing career. That was before blogging became a thing. I was a bonafide professional travel writer, and I still am. But in this climate, that is certainly not a talent that is in demand.

I’m fortunate in that I have the skills for many work-at-home jobs, and I’m diligently pursuing them. And though I know someday, Go Touch Down Travel and Tours will rise from the ashes of this insidious virus, in the meantime, it’s all about survival.

I will survive. I wish, hope, and pray that you will too. Do you have a story to share?

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